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We are a small company with big dreams passionate about healthy skin!

After suffering with skin problems for years, the discovery of a face mask that actually worked was life changing. We were using the market leading brand of Australian Pink Clay and despite being so happy with the results we couldn’t help but wonder if there was any room for improvement.

We started researching the ingredients, and the main difference between this mask and others brands offering only moderate results, was the volume of Australian Pink Clay.

When creating our own mask we decided to not only increase the volume of clay in our mask to 55% but also to keep high quantities of skin boosting ingredients such as Vitamin A, Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel and Pomegranate- just to name a few! Every ingredient in our mask is there for a reason from cleansing, cell renewal, moisturising and acne fighting, we have thought of it all.

Check out our full ingredients list here.


We are a Vegan company, we love our planet and all of the animals living on it. We avoid plastic as much as possible, as sadly so much plastic ends up in the sea. When creating this product we knew we wanted the packaging to be both beautiful and sustainable.

Our masks are lovingly packaged in our unique pretty glass bottle, made from food grade Pyrex glass with a sustainable Acacia wood lid.


Our cute containers can be reused after use or recycled. Our application brush is made using sustainable Bamboo, recycled aluminium and Vegan fibre bristles. Our boxes are made from recycled cardboard and can be re-recycled after use. Caring for our planet is really important to us and we are so happy with the final materials chosen.


We believe healthy skin is so important for well-being and confidence so we wanted to make our mask affordable. Our Australian Pink Clay mask is available in 120ml for around the same price as 60ml from the market leading brand.

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