What will Australian Pink Clay do for your skin?

What makes Australian Pink Clay so special, is that this miracle powder is suitable for ALL skin types, but what changes can you expect to see to your skin? 

Dry & Sensitive Skin 

Not only is Australian Pink Clay not as drying as other clays it is rich in minerals including Silica, Pink Clay masks help to restore and replenish skin with moisture. On top of this, our mask is infused with Coconut Oil to add moisture back to your skin. Aloe Vera to soothe sensitive skin and Kelp extract to help hydrate and retain your skin's natural moisture. Our mask is packed full of skin cleansing and brightening ingredients, read about them here

Oily and Mixed Skin 

Australian Pink Clay helps to draw out toxins and excess oil on your skin without drying it out. Enriched with vitamin A & E our mask helps to fight the signs of ageing by helping to repair damaged skin, Rose Extract which helps the skin to maintain its natural PH balance and Pomegranate to boost cell renewal! Discover more about our Pink Clay Mask here

Acne/ Spotty Skin 

Pink Clay is known to help reduce irritation and inflammation from skin concerns such as acne by soothing and balancing skin and promoting healthy cell renewal. With our mask containing 55% of pure Australian Pink Clay, this is great news for acne prone skin! Our Pink clay mask is crammed full of acne fighting ingredients such as Pomegranate, Witch Hazel, Peppermint Oil, Green Tea Extract, and that is just to name a few. 

Our mask is packed full of skin detoxing and cleansing ingredients, read about them here

Super skin boost with a dose of Vitamin C

No matter what your skin type, it is known that Vitamin C is a super ingredient for the skin and the benefits are felt even more when applied directly to the skin! Our Australian Pink Clay Mask contains Kakadu Plum extract- the highest natural source of Vitamin C, 100x more than that found in oranges! Vitamin C helps your skin to fight the signs of ageing, boosts collagen production and brightens your skin. You can see why we were sure to add Kakadu Plum to our mask! 

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